Persistent Applications Toolkit

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Why did you developed it?

First of all: because I want to make my developer life simple and want to share that experience.

And because my developer life meets my customer life, it is also good for him, as he'll get his product earlier and with higher quality.
We have success on our account working agile style for our employer. Our client was pleased about the software we've provided for him. Big part of success we owe data layer which was Prevayler.

Prevayler people say, that Prevayler is "the simplest, .. [cut]" and that's almost true. But, one still has manually create transactions code. And this is hard to maintain in my opinion.

PAT hides complexity of Prevayler from you. It lets us to focus on business logic only and develop POJOs, simple, pure Java classes. Just let it know which of your classes are important ones, and which methods are transactions..

Because the way PAT is done it may be used without you being aware of Prevayler in the background. That's true. But don't expect magic from PAT. It works, it's helpful, it looks simple, but there is advanced architecture behind the scenes. So read Prevayler page once. Logo

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