Persistent Applications Toolkit

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Persistent Applications Toolkit

News |1 Jul, 2005

Struts template is now ready to download: pat-struts-template.

Where to start?

Instant demo of the code..

/** @@pat.root */
public class World
    private Departments departments;
    private Contacts myContacts;

/** */
public class Department
    private Employees employees;

    /** @@pat.transaction */
    public Employee hireNewEmployee()
        Employees empls = search("CHI");
        empls.add("New candidate");

        return empls;


I do my best in my spare time to make PAT reliable software. Thus please forgive any bugs (report them) and do not expect anything from the software.

You may use this software in commercial projects.
You may change the source code.
This is Open Source (LGPL).
It is free. And, generally nothing is free. You get the source, I get the feedback.. Logo

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