This is contents of: <pat-struts-template.war>/INSTALL

I assume you've unpacked pat-struts-template.war to: C:\ or /tmp/
If not - adjust paths below.
<DIR> is a full path to a directory where you unpacked pat-struts-template.war
<TOMCAT> is an installation directory of your Tomcat (the same as CATALINA_HOME)

1. set 'jboss.aop.path' system property to a value of: <DIR>/etc/aop/

2. copy pat-struts-template.war to your <TOMCAT>/webapps directory

3. start Tomcat

Step 2 explained:
you may just put following line to your <TOMCAT>/bin/catalina.[sh|bat] :
set JAVA_OPTS=-Djboss.aop.path=<DIR>/etc/aop/

Alternatively you can install a context in TOMCAT and point docBase to
<pat-struts-template>/web directory. It's contents is almost the same as
the contents of 'war' archive, yet allows one to develop JSP pages faster.

On any change to files call: `ant compile'

To create 'pat-struts-template.war' call: `ant dist'

PS. If anyone knows how can a Tomcat application (context) set system property
in other way than from a command line or through '', then please help